Crossed Wires

We are survived by the voices; the ghosts we leave in the machine.”

Crossed Wires (oct 2018)

“…exquisite grief and wonder…” –Lauren Bello, NoProscenium

“…the experience thrums like a dial tone through my being.” –Cristen Brinkerhoff, Haunting

A three-day anthology of remote, highly interactive theatrical encounters for a solo participant. Over the course of three encounters – EXCIEO, COLLECT CALL, and NOW N’ LATER – participants forged intimate and immediate connections, exploring themes of fortune, justice, death, and forgiveness.

Crossed Wires featured the voices of Evan Neiden, Jonathan Connolly, Natalie Welber, Jack Drummond, and Harrison O’Callaghan. This remote experience transpired via phone calls and text messages.


"...and as the wind through the trees whispered your fate, it blew the last candle out."

lastcandlearx (jan-jun 2018)

A single Instagram account with the username lastcandlearx drew fifty curious individuals into the enigmatic world of Kerzenhaus Psychiatric Hospital. Those who followed the trailhead received, among other things, periodic phone calls – pieces of a fractured fairy tale – conveyed by a mysterious patient called ‘Apprentice.’ Participants interacted with a real-time, customized narrative, ever grappling with their definitions of morality. Ultimately, when the tale met its untimely conclusion, participants were faced with the question: When searching for something as meaningful as justice, what's left if you don't like what you find?

lastcandlearx featured the voices of Evan Neiden, Jonathan Connolly, and John Ertman. This remote experience transpired via phone calls, Slack, emails, and instant messaging.

An interview with the creator, conducted by Taylor Winters of Haunting, can be found here.