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“There are always two sides to a story. At least.”
They’re here to mend; you’re here to help. Thank you for volunteering to be a Connector for Rebozo Reconnections.

Do not schedule any other encounters on either day of this experience.

REBOZO is a single, continuous narrative. It is comprised of personalized encounters across two consecutive days, spanning the dates listed on the ticket you purchase. (Interactions will take place after 6pm CST on each day).

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Candle House Collective’s Under the Bed is a festival of six intimately interactive encounters for a solo participant. Combining theatrical storytelling and alternate reality, each live, remote encounter transpires by way of phone calls with supplementary text messages. While these encounters are stand-alone and can be experienced in whatever combination or order suits you best. we strongly advise against purchasing more than two encounters on the same date. If purchasing for yourself, we request that you buy no more than one ticket per encounter – up to six in total. (Note: participants who secure four or more encounters for themselves will receive a personalized ‘Addendum’ to conclude their experience, free of charge.)

Due to its remote nature, Under the Bed is accessible to anyone with a text-enabled mobile phone in the United States and Canada, ages 18 and above. However, note that some encounters contain extremely intense and disturbing content. Discretion is strongly advised. We urge you to address any content inquiries or other concerns to

Note: While content warnings are available by request, their specificity will be limited due to the sensitive nature of this particular production. However, if you email us with particular content concerns/desires, we’re more than happy to offer our individualized recommendations.