What is Candle House Collective?

We create highly interactive immersive theatrical experiences, fusing innovative storytelling and personal agency. Created by Evan Neiden, the mission of Candle House Collective is to engage participants with unique methods of immersive storytelling, drawing participants into personalized, meaningful encounters through hidden doors or across telephone lines. We craft intimate connections and environments, exploring the complex relationships between humans and the stories we tell.

What kind of work do you create?

We create intimate, experimental in-person experiences: thematic theatrical events at various levels of scale. Additionally, we are pioneers in the creation of remote experiences: interactive theatrical encounters designed to be experienced by anyone in the USA via continuous digital interaction – phone calls, texts/IM, emails, social media, and so forth. Note: These remote experiences are live performances, and are ticketed as such. Participants will interact with characters and influence narratives, exploring immersive worlds outside the confines of a physical venue.

For those who participate in our work, involvement is expected, and investment is rewarded.

How intense are your experiences?

We aim to tell a wide variety of stories, tailoring our environments to fit each narrative. As such, each in-person production will include a unique level of physical intensity that will be clearly explained during each ticketing process. In addition, much of our work – in-person and remote alike – features emotionally and thematically intense subject matter.

We are committed to the safety and welfare of our participants, and welcome any questions concerning content or intensity at storyteller@candlehousecollective.com

Who can participate?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age, unless otherwise specified for a specific event.

Our remote experiences can be accessed by anyone with a USA telephone number and good reception. Locations forthcoming for our in-person experiences.

How do I stop an experience?

Candle House Collective's universal safe phrase is "TRAFFIC LIGHT". If you communicate this phrase aloud or in writing during an experience with us, all elements of that particular experience will immediately end for you.

Note: Should you choose to halt your experience, no refunds can be issued. There is, however, no shame or judgement in using the safe phrase and "casting the red light." We understand that some stories are not for everyone.

Where do I start?

Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about tickets with detailed information about events. Each of our experiences is ticketed independently… for now.

For current updates concerning upcoming projects, follow us on Instagram at candlehousecollective.